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Tax planning

Tax planning

At Parker business development we provide businesses with Tax planning solutions that have technical merit and we also help produce business and strategic objectives that are manageable. There are many taxes that have to be thought about and they all interact with each other in one way, this is where tax planning comes into it as this helps businesses watch out for pit falls and potential tax problems. One such soloution which we may suggest is:

Tax planning - Tax efficient Remuneration

Have you ever thought what difference to your tax bill you could make if you could better plan the way your company or yourself got paid? Here is an example:

There are two shareholders and directors working in a business. Each receives a salary of £35,000 per year. Profits before salaries total £80,000. In this real life example a total tax saving of £13,516 in total has been achieved by restructuring their personal remuneration. As this saving is repeated every year they can expect a saving of £67,580 over five years.

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