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Business Protection

Making sure the business you already have is safe is often a priority that is overlooked until it is too late, however, a little simple planning will provide sensible protection. Our significant experience in mitigating company risk will prove invaluable. Our partnership with other professionals in this field has enabled us to develop a service that is a leader in the business protection arena.

  • Asset Ring Fencing

  • It is a widely held view that it is sensible to separate your business interests from your assets in order to minimise risk. This generally means separating your trade and employees from other assets such as land and buildings and intellectual property.
    Our asset ring fencing approach is specifically designed for this it separates your business activities from your major assets. In this way if you have a significant bad debt or other unforeseen event you can afford to loose a company without loosing the assets you have worked so hard to own.

  • Risk Audit and Internal Control Assessment now
    Sharedealer / Partner Protection

  • Such an agreement normally simply shows how the shares of the company will be valued on the death or disability of one of the shareholders. It also provides for the provision of a tax free fund (normally provided through insurance) which is used to buy back the shares from the estate of the deceased shareholder/ partner.
    This will allow the shareholders to deal equitably with future events and consequences and reduce the chances that family conflict will destroy the business.
    Such agreements can be developed into a shareholder constitution by building in unity of vision, corporate governance and commitment.

  • Implementation of Human Resource Policies and Procedures

  • H R policiesmust not only reflect current employment law but also the business culture and structure. Many companies do not have a formalised approach to HR, examples of such procedures include Leave of absence, family and illness leave, email and internet usage and a drug free workplace
    Such procedures ensure that employees are treated equally across a variety of employment issues.

  • Management Reporting Systems

  • What can be measured can be managed. A management reporting system is structured method in which to capture data essential to the management of the business. By creating management reports you can not only see downward trends early and take action to prevent them from further declining but you will be able to see upward trends and determine what is going well.
    It is useless to set up key performance indicators if they are not being monitored and managed.

  • Quality Management Systems and ISO 9001 2000 Accreditation

  • A quality management system is an organisational approach to customer satisfaction which involves customers, people and the continuous improvement of key processes. The aim is to achieve customer satisfaction through the involvement of customers, respecting and motivating people and improving all of the processes within the business. Such an approach also prevents problems whilst increasing internal efficiency through the standardisation of data and behaviour.
    We lead you through to accreditation in ISO 9001:2000, the internationally recognised standard for management of a company’s systems. We will take you through the eight management principles of ISO being Customer Focus, Leadership, Involvement of People, Process Approach, System Approach to Management, Continual Improvement, Factual Approach to Decision, Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships.


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