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How We Work With You

Why we do what we do

Our aim is to act as a source of advice and inspiration to our clients and truly deserve the title of "most trusted business advisor". In order to do achieve this, our investment is in the quality of our team their background and experience. It is very important that our clients are comfortable working with us and clearly understand the benefits and implications of the advice that we provide.

Our success is measured by how well our clients’ financial results are. We are entirely focused on improving their businesses and maintaining happy and sustainable relationships.

As part of our client base you can expect to recieve regular advice from key members of the team. We only earn our fees when the advice given is fully understood and we are then asked to implement the advice given. This system has served both parties well in the past. This allows the client show that our views are sought after when important business decisions are to be made. This also provides us with the best opportunity to add most value to the decision to be made.
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How we deliver

From the beginning you will receive a work proposal, the timescales involved, and how much your investment will be - this means leaving you firmly in control and providing you with total peace of mind.

Our proactive approach to tax planning means that we inform our clients on any potential tax savings that will suit their requirements.

Our experienced team draws upon there extensive knowledge base to help solve any financial problems. A core part of our being is to be able to offer impartial advice on financial queries that may arise within your business.

Many businesses have huge unrealised potential but find it difficult to break down the barriers preventing growth. Our team utilises best practice techniques drawing on our vast experience of working closely with growing businesses to provide and implement workable, proven solutions for business growth.
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History and profile

Parker Business Development is a dynamic and energetic company that found its niche market in providing expertise to the owner-managed business sector. We Formed in 1991, and are based in Birmingham the company employs 9 staff and provides its services across the West Midlands and as far a field as Wales and Scotland.

Our steady growth has been achieved by building long term relationships with customers and suppliers and by employing highly qualified exceptional people who work to the highest standards in the delivery of first class business-enhancing services to our clients. This is coupled by a desire to maintain the controlled and managed growth we have established over the last twelve years or so.
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